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Spend a Half-Day Tracing the Footsteps of France's Kings and Queens​

Embark on a Royal Afternoon: Dive into the Majesty of Versailles with Paris’s Premier Car Service.

For a fleeting afternoon, indulge in an unforgettable Versailles day trip with our luxury car service in Paris. Your journey begins as you’re greeted by a professional chauffeur fluent in English. As you’re whisked away on the cobblestone and historically-rich avenues towards the city of Versailles, immerse yourself in an experience echoing the grandeur of the French royalty. Versailles, a mesmerizing historical jewel, beckons millions each year with its awe-inspiring palace-museum.

With our private car tours in Paris, France, you’ll have the luxury of an uninterrupted journey, ensuring your comfort from airport to hotel in Paris or directly from Paris tour from CDG airport. Need a night view? Our night tours in Paris can craft an enchanting night tour of Paris by car.

Are you ready to book a day that transcends time? Dive into the tales of monarchs, opulent halls, and art that stands still in time. Book top Paris Day Trips with us and be prepared for an experience that pairs both luxury and history seamlessly.

For those seeking to further elevate their experience, consider adding our Paris private tour by car or engage a Paris private tour guide for an intimate insight. Don’t just see Versailles, feel its pulse with us.

private tours in paris

Immerse Yourself in Regal Splendor : A Full Day in Versailles is Within Your Reach

After absorbing the splendors of the grand palace, allow our private chauffeur to escort you deeper into the heart of Versailles, navigating effortlessly through the city’s rich tapestry. Depending on your schedule and inclinations, a must-visit is the charming district of Saint Louis. This hidden gem, brimming with 18th-century façades, holds the aura of yesteryears, boasting key sites like the regal Place Royale and the historical Salle du Jeu de Paume.

Further enriching your Versailles experience, the chauffeur can also make a detour to the Potager du Roi (King’s Kitchen Garden). An absolute treat for history and horticulture enthusiasts, this verdant escape showcases the very epitome of royal gardening traditions.

So, whether you’re landing from Paris or taking advantage of our airport to hotel Paris offerings, seize the opportunity. With our car service from Charles de Gaulle to Paris, or even a special car service Paris to Versailles, we’ve got you covered. From Paris day tours from CDG airport to intimate night tours in Paris, our priority is to curate your perfect journey.

Embarking on Versaille day trip isn’t merely a visit – it’s a leap through time, an experience around Paris that stands unmatched. Don’t merely visit; immerse. Your Versailles story, etched in gold, awaits.