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Terms and conditions


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the terms set out in the table below shall have the following definitions:

  • Client or User: The individual placing the reservation, whether for their own benefit or on behalf of another.
  • Driver: An individual responsible for operating vehicles associated with the service.
  • T&C: These general terms and conditions of use and sale.
  • Drop-off: The driver’s transport of the user to the address specified in their reservation.
  • Option(s): Additional service(s) to the main service which can be unilaterally added or removed at any time by CABZENMOBILITY.FR.
  • Party(ies): The service provider and the client.
  • CABZENMOBILITY.FR or Service Provider or Carrier: EURL BOOK MY CAB, the company marketing the service and responsible for the transportation of the user, either directly or through subcontractors under its own responsibility, from a starting point to a destination, in accordance with the user’s reservation.
  • Pick-up: The driver’s collection of the user from the address specified in their reservation.
  • Reservation: The order placed by the user through messaging, the website, or telephone.
  • Service: The transport service offered by CABZENMOBILITY.FR or one of its affiliated partners.
  • Vehicle: A vehicle accommodating a maximum of 9 occupants, including the driver (8 passengers), used for the service.


The client wishes to utilize the services of a company specialized in paid transportation of individuals using vehicles with a maximum of 9 seats (including the driver). The purpose is to book transportation, a tour, or secure the use of a vehicle and its driver.

CABZENMOBILITY.FR is a firm specializing in transporting individuals using vehicles that accommodate up to 9 people, driver included. This service is only available upon reservation. To place a reservation request, CABZENMOBILITY.FR offers various means (telephone, online messaging, website) allowing users to book 24/7.

To fulfill its transport service, CABZENMOBILITY.FR either uses its own fleet or relies on partner transport companies that are registered under Article 7 of the Orientation of Internal Transports Law (LOTI) from December 30, 1982, or those having the status of a tourist vehicle operator with a driver (VTC) registered under Article 9 of the Modernization of Tourist Services Act from July 22, 2009.


3.1 Deadlines and Time Slots

For reservations made less than 24 hours before the pick-up time, bookings are only possible via phone and are subject to driver availability.

For any reservation where the pick-up occurs between 10 pm and 6 am, the booking should be made 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, CABZENMOBILITY.FR reserves the right to charge an additional fixed fee as defined in Article 6.3.

For any reservation with a pick-up on Sundays or public holidays, the booking should be made 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, CABZENMOBILITY.FR reserves the right to charge an additional fixed fee as outlined in Article 6.3.

Any request to modify or cancel trips must reach us at least 72 hours prior to the pickup time via email at [email protected]. Otherwise, the service will be charged in full, even if the trip did not occur, with no reimbursement or recourse available.

3.2 Required Information

During the booking process, the user must provide several mandatory details (number of passengers, full addresses of departure and arrival, departure date and time, email, mobile number…) for their reservation to be considered by CABZENMOBILITY.FR.

3.2.1 Pickup Time

During the reservation process, CABZENMOBILITY.FR provides an estimated time to complete the chosen route. This estimate does not guarantee actual travel time due to real-time traffic conditions (congestion, accidents, weather…). Therefore, the user is solely responsible for the pickup time specified during the reservation.

3.2.2 Number of Passengers

For each reservation, the user can specify a maximum of seven (7) passengers. For larger groups, multiple reservations are required. Depending on the number of passengers specified during the booking and vehicle availability, CABZENMOBILITY.FR reserves the right to choose the most suitable vehicle(s).

3.2.3 Luggage

Our company or our driver has the right to refuse luggage whose weight, dimensions, or nature do not match what was agreed upon with the user or which they deem harmful to transportation safety. Carry-on luggage, which passengers retain custody of, remains their sole responsibility. At the end of transport, users must ensure no items are left in the vehicle. We decline all responsibility in case of damage or theft of items left inside.

The transport service includes free luggage handling. Each vehicle can accommodate one suitcase and one carry-on per passenger. At booking, users specify their expected luggage based on the number of passengers. The driver has the right to refuse any unplanned items.

3.3 Validation

Once the user provides the required information, CABZENMOBILITY.FR communicates the ride’s price for reservation validation.

3.4 Payment

Payments can be made onboard vehicles via credit card, checks, cash, or remote credit card transactions. If a user, having paid for a service, fails to show up at the specified location and time, preventing the service from being rendered, CABZENMOBILITY.FR’s liability will not be engaged, and no refund or compensation will be due.

3.5 Confirmation

For regulatory purposes, CABZENMOBILITY.FR informs clients that all reservations are stored to validate its operations.

3.6 Exceptional Weather Conditions

At booking, if METEO France forecasts exceptional weather conditions and places one or more service-executing departments under orange or red alert for the reserved service period, a fixed surcharge will be applied as defined in Article 6.2.8. If the driver does not observe the weather events forecasted by METEO France during service, no refunds or compensation will be granted. Only METEO France’s alert cancellations occurring 12 hours before the pickup can lead to the surcharge’s cancellation as defined in Article 6.2.8.

CABZENMOBILITY.FR or the driver reserves the right to suspend the service at any moment if they believe the user’s safety is at risk. In such cases, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will not be held liable, and no compensation will be due.


Reservations can be modified or cancelled at any time. Depending on the time of modification or cancellation relative to the scheduled pickup time, the price of the reservation will be refunded after deducting a fee as specified in Article 6.2.3.


5.1 Service Procedure

5.1.1 General Operation

The driver:

  • Goes to the departure address provided by the user during the booking.
  • Introduces themselves to the user as a CABZENMOBILITY.FR driver.
  • Assists the user with their luggage.
  • Drives the user to the arrival address provided during the booking.
  • Exits the vehicle and hands the luggage back to the user.

Any special requests by the user to customize their service (pickup locations, additional drop-offs, stops…) will incur an additional fixed charge as defined in Article 6.2.6.

Should the driver be unable to reach the designated pickup location (due to construction, roadblocks, etc.), the service provider will directly call the user to arrange an alternative nearby pickup location. The carrier shall not be held responsible for any delays caused by such events.

Both parties agree that product illustrations, images, or photographs presented for sale have no contractual value.

5.1.2 Pickup/Drop-off at Train Stations

For train station drop-offs, the driver parks the vehicle in the designated drop-off zones near the station. For pickups at train stations, if informed during the booking, the driver waits for the user at the start of their arrival platform and can be identified by a CABZENMOBILITY.FR sign or a sign bearing the user’s name.

5.1.3 Pickup/Drop-off at Airports

For airport drop-offs, the driver parks the vehicle in the designated drop-off zones near the airport. For airport pickups, if informed during the booking, the driver waits for the user in the passenger exit area and can be identified by a CABZENMOBILITY.FR sign or a sign bearing the user’s name.

5.1.4 Pickup/Drop-off at Maritime Stations

For maritime station drop-offs, the driver parks the vehicle in the designated drop-off zones near the maritime station. For maritime station pickups, if informed during the booking, the driver waits for the user in the passenger exit area and can be identified by a CABZENMOBILITY.FR sign or a sign bearing the user’s name.

5.2 User Delay/Waiting

5.2.1 General Terms

The driver waits for the user at the pickup location free of charge for 15 minutes beyond the scheduled pickup time. After this free 15-minute period, the driver contacts the user using the contact details provided during the booking:

  • If the user responds and requests it, an additional paid waiting period, as defined in Article 6.2.4a, can be granted, depending on the driver’s availability.
  • If the user doesn’t respond, the driver is no longer obligated to wait.

In all cases, both the reservation price and waiting charges are fully payable to CABZENMOBILITY.FR.

5.2.2 Special Cases: Train/Plane/Boat Delays

5.2.2 Special Cases: Train/Plane/Boat Delays

In the event of delays for planes, trains, or boats, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will not charge any waiting fees as outlined in Article 5.2.1. Moreover, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will make its best efforts, based on driver availability, to automatically adjust the pick-up time (to the new plane, train, or boat arrival time) at no additional cost to the user.

Should adjusting the pickup time be impossible, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will inform the client and do everything possible, within reason, to find an alternative transportation solution for the user (cost borne by the latter). In this scenario, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will refund the reservation price after deducting a fee as mentioned in Article 6.2.4b.

5.3 Driver Delays

CABZENMOBILITY.FR commits to picking up the user at the time specified during the booking within a total window of 15 minutes (scheduled pickup time + 15 minutes). If the driver’s delay is identified as more than 15 minutes, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will promptly inform the user of a new estimated arrival time for the driver.

If the driver’s delay is between 15 to 30 minutes:

  • Either the user chooses to wait for the driver, in which case the service is carried out without any commercial compensation.
  • Or the user chooses not to wait for the driver, in which case CABZENMOBILITY.FR will refund only the reservation price.

If the driver’s delay exceeds 30 minutes:

  • Either the user chooses to wait for the driver, in which case the service is carried out, and CABZENMOBILITY.FR grants a commercial compensation as outlined in Article 6.2.5.
  • Or the user chooses not to wait for the driver, in which case CABZENMOBILITY.FR will refund the reservation price and also provide a commercial compensation as mentioned in Article 6.2.5.

5.4 Services for People with Reduced Mobility

As of now, PARIS ELYSEE does not provide a service specifically tailored for people with reduced mobility. CABZENMOBILITY.FR utilizes partner transportation companies registered under the provisions of Article 7 of the Law 82-1153 on Internal Transportation Orientation (LOTI) of December 30, 1982, for catering to people with reduced mobility.


6.1 Value Added Tax (VAT)

6.1.1 Transport Service

All rates associated with transport services are subject to the VAT applicable to passenger transportation, which currently stands at a reduced non-deductible rate of 10%.

6.1.2 Others

Other costs (excluding transport services) are increased by the VAT rate on service provisions in effect at the time of billing, which is 20% as of now.

6.1.3 VAT Rate Changes

In the event of legislative changes to VAT rates, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will automatically apply the new rates based on the pre-tax (ex-VAT) rates of its transport and service charges.

6.2 Service Rates

6.2.1 Base Price

6.2.1 Base Price

The base price is understood for a single reservation for 1 to 4 passengers, including pick-up and transport service from the pick-up location to the drop-off point (hereafter referred to as “the base price”). The base price is flat-rate and considers several parameters unilaterally determined by CABZENMOBILITY.FR including but not limited to: distance, departure and arrival locations, schedules, etc. The base price is mentioned all taxes included (TTC) and includes the VAT in effect at the time of booking. The base price cannot be less than 39 euros TTC.

6.2.2 Surcharge for Additional Passengers

For reservations for 5 to 7 passengers, the service is billed with a surcharge of 50% on top of the base price.

6.2.3 Reservation Cancellation Fee

Under Article 4, reservations canceled less than two hours before the scheduled pick-up time will have a fee equal to the total price of the reservation, up to a limit of 50 € TTC.

6.2.4 Surcharge for User Delay

General Conditions: Under Article 5.2.1, beyond a free waiting period of 5 minutes, the driver, depending on availability, can wait for the user upon their request or leave (end of mission). The waiting time granted by CABZENMOBILITY.FR is flat-rate charged at 5 euros for every 5-minute period started. Any other additional waiting time requested by the user and granted by CABZENMOBILITY.FR will be billed on the same flat-rate basis.

Specific Case: Train/Plane/Boat Delay: Under Article 5.2.2, if CABZENMOBILITY.FR could not execute the service by adjusting the pick-up time (due to a delay in train, plane, or boat), the booking price will be deducted by a fixed fee of 50 € TTC limited to the price of the reservation.

6.2.5 Commercial Compensation for Driver Delay

Under Article 5.3, in case of driver delay at the pick-up location and time exceeding 30 minutes, CABZENMOBILITY.FR grants a fixed commercial compensation of 10 euros TTC, whether the Service was carried out or not. Compensation is due unless attributable to user negligence, unforeseen circumstances beyond CABZENMOBILITY.FR’s control, or any case of force majeure.

6.2.6 Surcharge for Additional Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

Under Article 5.1.1, any additional pick-up or drop-off locations communicated to CABZENMOBILITY.FR or the driver after booking, subject to driver availability, will result in a fixed surcharge of 50 € TTC per address in addition to the original pick-up and drop-off addresses. If this request alters the original reservation in terms of route, service duration, vehicle type, the previous booking will be canceled and a new reservation must be made to accommodate these changes.

6.2.7 Surcharge for Night, Sunday, and Public Holiday Reservations

Under Article 3.1, for reservations made at night between 10 pm and 6 am, on Sundays after the preceding Saturday at 10 pm, and on public holidays after the day preceding them at 10 pm, a surcharge of 20% of the standard rate will apply.

6.2.8 Surcharge for Exceptional Weather Conditions

Under Article 3.6, for reservations requesting a service during a period of orange or red alert as announced by METEO France, a surcharge of 20% of the standard rate will apply.


For all credit card payments, the user is financially responsible for the reservations made in their name, on their behalf, and on behalf of third parties. With each reservation, the user guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the information they provide.

CABZENMOBILITY.FR reserves the right to select or exclude the networks of bank cards or private cards it wishes to incorporate or not as a means of payment for its service.

CABZENMOBILITY.FR retains the right to implement a bank card registration system. Banking details are retained by the secured banking entity chosen by CABZENMOBILITY.FR, and the user pre-authorizes their bank to debit their bank account for the total amount of each booking.

In the event of a full refund or commercial compensation, the user shall receive the corresponding amount credited to the bank card account provided during the purchase procedure.


CABZENMOBILITY.FR commits to ensuring the user reaches their destination in a timely manner and under optimal safety conditions.

To this end, the user is also bound by certain obligations:

  • The user is required to fasten their safety belt, risking a fine if checked by law enforcement.
  • It is prohibited for the user to encourage the driver, by any means, to violate the Road Traffic Regulations (e.g., speed limits, restricted lanes).
  • Smoking and the transport of flammable, explosive, corrosive, or toxic substances in the vehicles are strictly prohibited.
  • CABZENMOBILITY.FR is only liable for bodily and material damages suffered by the user and/or third parties, as per common law terms applicable to vehicle passenger transport contracts. The user alone is responsible for any damage, internal or external, caused to the vehicle due to their behavior. Should the vehicle incur damages attributable to the user, CABZENMOBILITY.FR will invoice the costs of restoring the vehicle or replacing equipment.
  • CABZENMOBILITY.FR shall not entertain any claims, refund requests, or compensation relating to any non-performance or poor execution of the service if such is attributable to the user, unforeseen events outside of CABZENMOBILITY.FR‘s control, or any force majeure events, including but not limited to: IT or telecommunication network failures, public demonstrations, inclement weather, traffic accidents, traffic jams, etc.
  • CABZENMOBILITY.FR‘s liability cannot be invoked in the case of service limitations, waiting times, or other issues inherent to internet usage and communication means.


In accordance with the law pertaining to data processing, files, and freedoms as of January 6, 1978, as amended, personally identifiable information relating to the user may be subject to automated processing. CABZENMOBILITY.FR only collects personal data essential for processing the user’s booking.


CABZENMOBILITY.FR reserves the right to modify the present T&C without prior notice.


Article 12: Scope of the Guarantee


Cabzen Mobility offers its customers a “Money Back Guarantee”, providing a full refund of the service fee in the event of dissatisfaction, subject to the detailed conditions herein.

Article 13: Implementation Procedures

To benefit from the “Money Back Guarantee”, the client must notify Cabzen Mobility of their dissatisfaction by submitting a request in writing, sent with a return receipt to the following address:

Book My Cab Company
3 Emile Hart Street
77420 Champs sur Marne

The request must provide specific reasons for the dissatisfaction. This notification must reach Cabzen Mobility within 7 days from the date of service delivery. This guarantee is, however, subject to the exclusions set forth in Article 3.

Article 14: Guarantee Exclusions

The “Money Back Guarantee” will not apply under the following circumstances:

a. Force Majeure: Any external, unpredictable, and irresistible event, in accordance with Article 1218 of the Civil Code, will be considered as a case of force majeure, absolving Cabzen Mobility of its obligations.

b. Exceptional Events: Disruptions caused by circumstances beyond Cabzen Mobility’s control, including, but not limited to, demonstrations, riots, acts of terrorism, major accidents, unfavorable weather conditions making traffic difficult, unusual traffic causing congestion and potentially leading to delays in service, etc.

c. Social Movements: Any form of strike or social movement affecting traffic, whether announced or not, which would impede the provision of service.

d. Official Directives: Any act, decree, order, or directive issued by a competent authority, limiting or altering the regular traffic conditions.

e. Other Independent Causes: Any event or circumstance, beyond the control of Cabzen Mobility, making the normal provision of the service impossible.

Article 15: Independence of the Aforementioned Events

Cabzen Mobility wishes to emphasize that the events mentioned in Article 3 are entirely beyond its control. They represent exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances that can affect the usual operation of our services, without our company being held liable.

Article 16: Final Provisions

Cabzen Mobility strives to provide optimal quality services. However, clients are kindly requested to consider unpredictable events beyond our control that may influence the delivery of our services.

These T&C are governed by French law. Should any of its provisions be deemed null or unenforceable by competent jurisdiction or statute, said provision(s) shall be deleted without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions, and will be promptly replaced by other legally valid ones.

The signed return of the quote or booking confirmation equates to having read and accepted these T&C.

Both parties shall mutually keep each other informed of any difficulties arising from the interpretation or application of the T&C and shall take all reasonable steps to resolve them.

Any disputes arising from the interpretation or application of the T&C should be amicably settled by the parties in the first instance. Failing an amicable settlement, the dispute may be taken to the Commercial Court of Meaux.